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Franglaise MummyHi, I'm Sophie, a francophile Brit, living in London after 12 years on the French Riviera, wife to a Frenchman, mum to two half-English/half-French daughters. A former language teacher, marketing/PR professional and bilingual PA, I now split my time between running my Franglaise childcare business and writing this blog. I write about my life which covers all sorts of parenting and lifestyle shizzle, usually with a Franglaise take.
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PostHeaderIcon Fashion Friday – night at the pub

Last night Hubs and I had a rare night out at a local pub with my good friend from uni and her fiancé, so I took the opportunity of me looking slightly better than usual to get a snap of my attire and to post it on here in a link up with Mummy’s Got Style‘s Fashion Friday:

Fashion Friday

For some reason the top looks a really different colour in the photo – it’s actually emerald green! I was hoping for a summery outfit but after a rainy day yesterday it was time to go with an autumn/winter style.

The green top is a Next one that I got for my birthday a year or two ago, I didn’t wear it for ages, then rediscovered it and wear it a lot when I go out now. The black skinny jeans are New Look and are a bit of a disappointment as they don’t stay skinny for long and fade with each wash, but I still really like them so keep dragging them out. The shoes are a kind of a brick red from Office, they are wedges and are the most comfortable heels, which is just as well as I’m no good in heels these days!

Et voilà, that was me last night :-)

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