I’m going to make the mouse less dead

Here’s another of L’s funnies for you:

Yesterday she shouted out to me that one of our cats was at the back door with a mouse in its mouth (making me very grateful we don’t have a cat flap!). I told her to leave the cat – and the dead mouse – outside, that it was nature and we shouldn’t interrupt the cat’s hunting, i.e. I do not want to go there, so let’s leave the cat to kill/eat the mouse in the garden without disturbing us.

She stayed glued to the window, watching them both, and when the cat released the mouse, she came to find me:

L: “Mummy, I am a vet and I need to go out and save the mouse with some cheese.” All this being said as she donned her pink, Disney princess gloves.
Me: “Unfortunately the mouse is dead and there is nothing you can do to help it now.”
L: “Then I shall just go out and make it less dead.”

Fortunately she finally gave up on the dead mouse, but it did make me chuckle….through my revulsion!


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