Insider tips for kids’ outings in the London area

So what originally started out as a blog post has turned into a free ebook. 90 pages worth to be exact. A culmination of 4 years of family outings, of tips we wish we’d known in advance, and advice we’d love to share with other parents looking to visit the London area with kids.

When I realised that there was far too much material for a blog post, or even a series of blog posts, I decided to convert this knowledge into an ebook, to share for free with subscribers to my blog. So as of today – drum roll please – you can now subscribe to Franglaise Mummy, and as a thank you for your support you will receive my ebook, full of tips to make any family outing in the London area the best it can be.

Kids' outings in London.
Cover of my ebook

You can sign up at the end of any blog post or via a pop-up box. Then not only will you get my ebook for free, but you will also get monthly newsletters with a recap of my blog posts that you may have missed, along with any articles and blog posts that I have found interesting that month.

Thank you in advance for signing up! And don’t forget to share the love and tell your friends too ;-)

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25 thoughts on “Insider tips for kids’ outings in the London area”

    1. Thank you so much :-) Do let me know how you get on with it as and when you use it x

  1. Well done you! You should be very proud. That’s a whole lot of work. So looking forward to reading your book. We’re thinking of a London trip this Summer with Elsie, so it will come in very handy indeed! x

    P.S I didn’t just subscribe for the ebook either. ;-) x

    1. Thank you lovely. It was fairly full-on that’s for certain! Do let me know your thoughts of the book once you try it out. And thanks for subscribing just for the love of me too ;-) x

  2. This is such a great idea. There is soooooo much to do in London beyond the obvious. How great to have a guide that incorporates tips so that families of all ages can do it comfortably.

    1. Thanks :-) It was a long work in progress, but I set about writing what I wished we’d had when we moved to London nearly 4 years ago. I hope you enjoy using it!

  3. 90 pages!!! You must be wonderwoman! How do you find the time to raise your 2 beautiful girls, be a childminder, have 2 blogs, write a book? I cannot wait to check out your e-book and get lots of new ideas for our family days out in London. It is downloading now. x

    1. Not wonderwoman, but I don’t have time to watch much TV that’s for sure, and since putting C into a nursery on Friday when I don’t childmind I’ve managed to finally finish what I started! Thanks for subscribing and do let me know what you think of it – I’ll be bringing a French version out of it soon as so many of my French friends have asked for it too x

    1. Thank you. Let’s just say it’s been a work in progress for quite a while. Glad you like it!

  4. Sophie, I just wanted to let you know that I have been looking at your e-book, and I love it! We have never been to the Horniman Museum and that will be one we visit soon. Great advice (like taking side entrance, bringing your own lunch etc.). A lovely read! I am so impressed as it is a huge amount of work you are sharing. Thanks a lot! Mel

    1. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment, it really made my day :-) I wrote what I wish we’d had when we first moved to London 4 years ago, so hopefully it’ll help others avoid pitfalls that we came across. Thanks for sharing it on Twitter too x

  5. Well done you! That’s simply amazing. I’m definitely going to be reading for some inspiration…90 pages…that’s good going. Bet you had so much fun, too. Thank you for sharing. #brilliantblogposts

    1. Thank you and thanks for subscribing – we had so much fun over the last 4 years testing everything out, although we did have some bad experiences which led to tips for others to learn from ;-)

    1. Thanks lovely, hope you like the ebook and that it comes in handy. Round-up newsletter will hopefully be out in the next week or so – school holidays have slowed things down!

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