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How to make new friends: www.FranglaiseMummy.com l Decision-making and facing your fears

How to make new friends

How to make new friends can be a tough one. Feeling lonely is a horrible sensation and one that can get the most upbeat of people down. I speak from experience, having moved to a new town 8 times in my life, and to a new country 3 times. I have lost count of the number of times that I have had to make new friends.… Read more

Keep Calm the New Mum's Manual l Dr Ellie Cannon l The only baby book you need l www.FranglaiseMummy.com l French and English Parenting and Lifestyle Ramblings

The only baby book you need

I was delighted to recently receive the wonderful news that someone close to me is pregnant with her first baby (you know who you are, E), which inspired me to finally write a review of Dr Ellie Cannon’s book for new mums that I received and read (in 48 hours) a few months ago.… Read more