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What is my guilty pleasure?

This week’s gallery theme on Sticky Fingers┬áis “Guilty Pleasures” which is very apt as this weekend saw me indulging in one of my biggest guilty pleasures: themed parties, in particular musical themed parties. That’s right, I’m the person you love to hate, as there is nothing I like more than a 70s disco party (last year’s birthday party), or an 80s party (this weekend’s party).… Read more

I accidentally moved to France

In 1998 I bought a return ticket to Nice, France – leaving London on the 1st July 1998 and returning to the UK on the 10th September 1998. I’d just finished my university finals and my aim was to have a summer of partying on the French Riviera with two friends (a fellow Brit and a Danish/American) I’d met there the previous summer.… Read more