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Raising feisty females

I’m a feisty female. Born of a feisty female. Who in turn was born of a feisty female. But we live in a day and age where feminism has become a dirty word, and many feminists deny being one. Girls are called bossy and it’s seen as being bad. Being ambitious has negative connotations and we talk about “having balls” as being a good, but men-only, thing.… Read more

Why Game of Thrones is good for my 7 year old daughter

Now before you go getting all judgemental on me, I don’t mean I’m going to sit down and watch explicit violence and sex scenes in brothels with my 7 year old, so let me explain.

In general women in films and TV tend to be depicted as the poor, little weakling, who need the men to save/rescue/validate them.… Read more