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Is the NHS letting us women down?

Warning to those with a sensitive disposition: I will be talking about women’s bits in this blog post,¬†and in a non-exciting way, so if you don’t want that kind of information, move along now.

I just want to clarify from the start that I do love the NHS, and even though I will be doing a fair amount of slamming of it in this blog post, on the whole I think it’s a fantastic system.… Read more

What should you do if your baby has a rash?

This is the question I had to ask myself yesterday as C – now 10 months – had developed a rash. My first reaction (like most mums I’m sure) was to have a minor panic, as I ran through meningitis symptoms in my head. She was grizzly, but not really a surprise as she had a cold and a snotty nose, she didn’t shy away from the light, wasn’t floppy and her cries were normal ones.… Read more

Are mothers in the UK being abandoned by the NHS?

C is 7 months old today and I haven’t seen any medical person with her (apart from to get her jabs done by a nurse) since she was 8 weeks old. Whereas by 7 months old L had seen the paediatrician in France 8 times for routine check-ups. I have had no phone calls, letters or enquiries from anyone in the NHS as to how C is doing.… Read more