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Open letter to L’s teacher

Dear Miss M,

Nearly a year ago Hubs and I entrusted our¬†6 and 1/2 year old daughter to you, her new Year 2 teacher. We knew that Year 2 was going to be an important year, what with SATs at the end of the year and preparing the children for moving up into the juniors, and we were¬†interested to see how that would go.… Read more

Myth-busting about childminding

A few months ago I decided to not return to my full-time job as an account director in a digital marketing agency in London. Instead I opted to work as a childminder, looking after our two girls and an additional two children of similar ages.

I got mixed responses – some people thought I was crazy (and I’m sure there are many more who haven’t voiced it), and quite a lot of people supported me in my new life, where I’ll be around for my children.… Read more