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Top tips to get a good night’s sleep

I’ve found that as I get older, and since I’ve had kids, I relish a good night’s sleep more and more. If I watch TV in the evening and see someone all cosy in bed, all I can think is “ooh, doesn’t that look lovely?”

So how do you go from wanting a good night’s sleep to actually getting it?… Read more

Why Game of Thrones is good for my 7 year old daughter

Now before you go getting all judgemental on me, I don’t mean I’m going to sit down and watch explicit violence and sex scenes in brothels with my 7 year old, so let me explain.

In general women in films and TV tend to be depicted as the poor, little weakling, who need the men to save/rescue/validate them.… Read more

Amber beads and teething – your feedback please

As those of you who regularly read my blog will know, I’ve written about amber beads and their healing properties (or not) when it comes to babies’ teething, you can read those posts here and here. On the back of this I have been contacted and asked to appear in a Channel 4 health show (eek!) which is going to be exploring the world of alternative and home remedies.… Read more