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This week’s The Gallery theme, over on the Sticky Fingers blog is Fitness. Now at 34 and a half weeks pregnant, my fitness regime has been toned down somewhat. Before getting pregnant I used to walk 35-40 minutes per day as part of my commute and I was known for getting up early to do the Zumba DVD a couple of times a week.

The commute walking carried on until about 6 months of pregnancy when I had to go on early maternity leave, but the Zumba got stopped fairly early on. I got a yoga pregnancy DVD which I’ve done sporadically and hasn’t been bad. But my biggest source of fitness now, without a shadow of a doubt, is man’s best friend:

Man’s (woman’s) best friend and my fitness regime

He might not look like much here, but he is 25 kg of energy, so even a half hour walk is a good enough work-out for me in this state! Also at the moment we are following a training schedule with him, to try and stop him from running after every squirrel and fox in the district, and this is even more of a work-out than just a normal walk.

Our dog is French and is called “Courage” (pronounced Koo-rarj), and he’s fab because he has overcome almost being put down by the police when we adopted him after he’d been abandoned, and then being left in France by us for 6 months when we moved to the UK and had to wait for his rabies jabs to come into effect, then being transported over here in a crate on a plane. Not only that but he’s a huge softy and lets L and all her friends use him as a horse/toy etc.

When it’s raining or I’m snug in the warm there’s nothing I’d like more than to not walk him, but I’m glad that he does force me out of the house and gets me fit (ish).

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5 Responses

  1. Louise Lloyd says:

    He looks a rather lovely doggie! And what greater excuse to get outside every day and breath nice fresh air!

    Bet your little girl just adores him!

  2. They are the best companions and definitely give you a good workout 🙂

  3. Lovely I,age and good luck when baby arrives xxx

  4. My Two Mums says:

    Gorgeous Dog 🙂

  5. Franglaise Mummy says:

    Louise – he is adorable! And it is nice to have to go out and get fresh air and exercise (most of the time!). L absolutely loves him and we’re lucky enough that he’s taken all her ear-pulling, tail-pulling, horse-riding etc over the years with affection!

    Fivegoblogging – it’s a great all-rounder: fresh air, exercise, bonding and even a bit of clearing of the old mind at the same time.

    Angie – thanks!

    My two mums – thank you, we think so too 🙂

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