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Is Thorpe Park any good for younger kids?

I have such amazing memories of Thorpe Park as a teenager, and I have no doubt about how incredible a place it is for secondary school age kids, but¬†since we got our Merlin Annual Pass a couple of years ago, I’ve been wondering whether it is any good for younger children.… Read more

Why Game of Thrones is good for my 7 year old daughter

Now before you go getting all judgemental on me, I don’t mean I’m going to sit down and watch explicit violence and sex scenes in brothels with my 7 year old, so let me explain.

In general women in films and TV tend to be depicted as the poor, little weakling, who need the men to save/rescue/validate them.… Read more

Happy 7th Birthday L: An open letter

Ma Grande Puce*,

How time flies! How is it possible that it’s already 7 years since I became a mum?!? Little did I know how much you would change my life, turn it around and upside down. I was pretty prepared for dealing with a baby, and we were lucky in that you were a pretty chilled and easy baby, but what I wasn’t prepared for was dealing with a toddler, a little girl, and now a girl who’s getting bigger and bigger.… Read more

Happy 1st Birthday C: An open letter

To my beautiful baby girl,

Today is your 1st birthday so it seems the right time to write you this letter (which will only make sense to you when you are much older).

Daddy and I had been together for 5 years when we had your big sister, L, and we really wanted a baby, so we knew we would be so happy when she was born.… Read more

My twin girls, born 6 years apart

When I was pregnant with L, 7 years ago, I wondered what she would look like. I always said I hoped she took after Hubs physically and me personality-wise, as he was devil-baby and I was angel-baby, and it turned out to be that way more or less. When she was born she was Hubs’s spitting image and everyone used to call her his mini-me.… Read more

Anyone else suffering from back to school-itis?

We are a few weeks into the new school year and it would appear that the Franglaise family has been struck by back to school-itis from L. She’s 6 now and has just moved into Year 2, which brings with it more responsibility, harder work and more of it. All of which have combined to create a 6 year old who is a cross between a teenager and a toddler.… Read more

Back to school finally

We are a week behind the rest of the country by the sounds of it as our back to school only happened yesterday. Which means I’ve been waiting nearly a week to link up with Tara’s “Back to school” themed gallery.

Having this extra week when most of the country and London was back at school was great, especially with the weather we had last week, and we made the most of those last few days of summer.… Read more

Legoland: an honest review and top tips

Yesterday I had one of my best days EVER with L, our 6 and a half year old.

The smiles say it all

The smiles say it all

Hubs was working, I had a rare day with no children to mind, so I suggested that L and I head to Legoland just the two of us.… Read more

Top tip for cheap activities with kids in London

When we first moved back to the UK from France we were staying with my parents who live quite close to Windsor, so I suggested to Hubs that we take L to Legoland for the day. Fortunately we didn’t actually mention it to L because when I went online to look at prices I was shocked to see that it would cost us around ¬£100 just to get in, we would then need to add travel costs, parking costs, lunch etc.… Read more