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How and when do you read and write blogs?

When we were on holiday recently I finally had time to indulge in one of my passions – blogging. I love reading other people’s blogs and writing my own blog posts here. For two whole weeks I had around 2 hours a day of total peace and quiet to read blogs, comment on them and write my own blog posts.… Read more

Your help wanted: Interview with

I will shortly be creating a series on my blog called “Interview with” where I interview a different mum each week. The interviews will alternate between French mums and British mums, the aim being to give my readers a view of how different mums deal with the same issues in the two countries.Read more

Fashion Friday – Holiday Style

As it’s the summer and I’m on holiday I have been wearing slightly nicer clothes than I would normally, so it makes total sense that today I should link up to Mummy’s Got Style‘s all new Fashion Friday.

Here is my Lanzarote, family holiday style:

Fashion Friday - Holiday style

When on holiday I tend to go very low-key – minimal make-up, zero jewellery (that’s an all-inclusive holiday band you can see on my wrist there, sooooo stylish!).… Read more

Romantic al fresco dining experience in central London

It was my turn to organise our wedding anniversary celebrations this year, and with it being our 10th I wanted to do something special. Originally I had looked at various different style cinemas, with the aim being to have a special movie experience followed by dinner, then I looked at the weather forecast – hot, hot and more hot.… Read more

I’m back again…sort of

I haven’t blogged in a week, and it feels like a lifetime. It’s not because I’ve lost my blogging mojo. Oh no. There are loads of posts just screaming to be released. It is for a far bigger reason. I’ve been busy preparing for my Ofsted inspection so I can become a registered childminder.… Read more

Do you really need a will?

This has been the subject of conversation for a while now amongst my friends and me. Aged 30-40 with children and often home-owners, most of us don’t have wills in place, but do we really need one? And what happens if the worst comes to the worst and something happens to us, our other half, or worse, to both of us?… Read more