London vs Mauritius: Life with Kids

On 31st October last year my family and I moved from London to Mauritius, and I’m asked ALL the time how family life here compares to family life in London.

So rather than replying to everyone in individual messages I did a Facebook Live video sharing my experiences of the two. If you missed it you can watch the replay on my Facebook page or here:

Want to know more about our journey and how we made the decision to move to Mauritius? Grab your free guide to decision-making and facing your fears here, where I share all the juicy details!

Don’t hesitate to comment below or to message me if you have any questions on this subject, I’d love to help out if I can.

Finally this video might help others who are considering moving so do think to share it 🙂


Sophie x


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  1. Bertie says:

    Though two cities are beautiful and best for the living but I personally like to live in London. You know, London is one of the best and peaceful cities of the world. So there is no chance to leave this city.

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