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What is happiness?

For some reason this question was swilling around in my head yesterday. It all came about because I had this flash yesterday afternoon, this thought came into my head, totally out of the blue – I am happy. Not just content. Not just dealing with my lot. But actually, genuinely happy.… Read more

Christmas cards – yay or nay?

Christmas cards - yay or nay?

Christmas cards – yay or nay?

I was skimming through Facebook earlier today when a discussion on Christmas cards caught my attention, and it got me thinking, in this day and age is there still a place for Christmas cards? How many people actually still send physical paper Christmas cards?

So the gist of the discussion was this: on the one hand, a lovely lady I know was saying she loves writing personal messages, in fountain pen, on the Christmas cards she sends out; on the other hand another lady said she preferred e-cards as they saved time, the environment and could be really nice too.… Read more

Should you let your child decorate your Christmas tree?

First of all I apologise for using the C word before the end of October, but I love Christmas and with children it’s even better!

This will be our 8th Christmas with our own little ones and each year just gets better. We love the understanding that L has of Christmas now, and the fun that brings.… Read more