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Honesty is definitely the best policy

This blog post is going to be shit, and it’s going to be honest.

Why is it going to be shit? Because for half of Friday and all of Saturday I was at the biggest parent blogging conference in the UK – Britmums Live. I hugged, I cried, I laughed and I learnt.… Read more

What is friendship now?

Friendship is a funny old thing, especially how it changes over the years. When you’re younger and at school you see your friends all day, every day, and they are so much more important than anyone else in your life. You can’t even imagine a time when those people won’t be your whole world.… Read more

We went to our first blogging conference!

I think I can safely say that C and I stood out like a sore thumb as I wheeled her in her pushchair through the city on Friday lunchtime to attend our first blogging conference, the one and only BritMums Live. As we emerged from Moorgate tube station into a sea of suits and rushing finance workers I caught a glimpse of our reflection in a shop window: me in a flowery, summer’s dress with fancy flip flops, pushing 7 month old C in our lovely Britax B-Smart pushchair.… Read more