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Top tips when moving house

You may or may not know that the Franglaise family moved house a couple of months ago (from one side of the street to the other, as you do!) and it got me thinking about how I’m a bit of an expert on house moving.

I moved from the UK to France in 1998, which was a simple move as I took one (BIG!) suitcase on the plane, but once I decided to settle in France I started to cumulate possessions and my moves got more and more complicated.… Read more

Are people in London cold and unfriendly?

There seems to be a general consensus, in the UK at least, that people in London are cold and unfriendly and I was wondering what other people’s experiences are.

It has always been my dream to live in France, from a very young age I couldn’t imagine myself living anywhere else.… Read more

How to ensure you have the perfect wedding anniversary

Today is B’s and my 9th wedding anniversary. On the 2nd August 2003 we said “I do” and “oui” in a civil ceremony at the “hôtel de ville” in Cagnes sur mer (near Nice) first of all, and then at an English church in Cannes, before heading inland to Vence to party under the stars until gone 4am.… Read more

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London vs Mauritius: Life with Kids

On 31st October last year my family and I moved from London to Mauritius, and I’m asked ALL the time how family life here compares to family life in London.

So rather than replying to everyone in individual messages I did a Facebook Live video sharing my experiences of the two.… Read more