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Free video guide to decision-making and facing your fears: l Happy you, Happy them. Put YOUR oxygen mask on first.

Life can be really tough sometimes, and when you’re a parent it gets even tougher. When we’re younger everything seems so clear cut, so black and white. But as you get older you realise there are about a million shades of grey out there (and I’m not talking about naughty books here!).

When we’re younger our parents generally make decisions for us, or guide us towards the right choice.

But no one teaches us HOW to make decisions, so suddenly we find ourselves at a crossroads and we just don’t know which way to go. It could be:

  • Should I marry this man?
  • Do I want to have kids with this person?
  • What do I want to DO with my life?
  • When should I have kids? Career first or kids first?
  • Should I keep this baby?
  • Now I’ve got my baby do I stay at home or go back to work?
  • Is this where I want to live and raise my kids?
  • Should I go for that new job?
  • Do I want to make that big career change?
  • Would we be happier elsewhere?
  • Would I be happier doing something else?
  • Do I want to move abroad?

Sometimes these questions go round and round in our heads, they stop us from sleeping and often stop us from living! Until you make a decision you are in limbo, you can’t invest (time, money or energy) in your current situation as it might change, but you’re not in that new situation either. This isn’t living, you’re just existing.

Then there are the fears that accompany every decision we make:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of what people will say
  • Fear of change
  • Fear of what might happen
  • Fear of making the wrong decision
  • Fear of not having enough money

I’ve been here before, and over many years I’ve taught myself – through reading, researching, listening to myself and more – how to make the right decisions, how to calculate risks and know which ones to take, how to face fear and tackle it.

Now I’m ready to share this knowledge with others, and I’d really love to help you if any of the above sounds familiar.

You’re in the right place if:

  • you’re looking for help in learning to make your own decisions, rather than having someone just telling you which decision to make / criticising you when you make the “wrong” decision.
  • you want to focus on how to make decisions, how to learn what risks to take, and how to face your fears surrounding all of this.
  • you want help in making a specific decision NOW.
  • you want help facing a specific fear NOW.
  • you’d like to learn about my own journey – how I went from living in my forever home with a great job in France, to being homeless and jobless and living back at my parents’ in the UK, to having a great job and living in a lovely home in London, to moving to a tropical island in the Indian Ocean in Africa, all with my husband and kids.

Decision-making and facing your fears: l Happy you, Happy them. Put YOUR oxygen mask on first.

Get my free video guide to decision-making and facing your fears* where you will:

  • Hear my story including my “wrong decisions”, my fears, the naysayers and how it feels when it doesn’t go to plan.
  • Learn how to make your own decisions.
  • Discover how to face your fears head on rather than running from them.

* Baby bottle and glass of fizz optional…

Don’t just take it from me that this guide will help you…

“I’ve nearly finished listening to your recording – great stuff. You need to be a life coach!! I feel better already!” – Natasha

“By the way love “facing your fears, decision making guide” it is such an eye opener, thanks for that” – Fatou

“Great guide, I made lots of notes and I’m feeling inspired” – Jane

“Great video, thank you Sophie, it was great to hear your story in detail along with some really helpful advice and great quotes to live by” – Trace & Steph

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