Franglaise Mummy becomes

Goodbye Franglaise Mummy, Hello Sophie Le Brozec!

It was February 2012, and I was holding yet another negative pregnancy test. We’d been trying for Baby Number 2 for a quite a few months, and I had that kick in my gut from yet another negative. So I decided to come back at it by creating a mummy blog.… Read more

Happy 10th Birthday to my daughter - an open letter: l Get the life YOU love

An Open Letter to my 10 Year Old Daughter: Happy Birthday!

Dear Léna,

I’m running a bit late with your annual birthday letter as we have been way too busy having fun for me to sit down and write this to you. Every year I write an open letter to you and your sister on your birthdays (here are the letters from your previous birthdays: 7th birthday, 8th birthday, 9th birthday), as I know I’ll never remember all the little details of these weeks, months and years with you as children, so I hope it’s a way for me to remember and for you to know what life was like when you were little.… Read more

US Election: How To Cope With Post-Election Anxiety l l Get the Life YOU Love

US Election: How To Cope With Post-Election Anxiety

I wasn’t going to write anything about the US election results, partly because I didn’t want to get caught up in all the fighting and partly because I just didn’t know what to say. But I’ve received so many messages, asking me how you can possibly live the life you love when you are experiencing such fear, shock, disappointment, worry, stress and sadness at the Trump victory.… Read more

Is Your Dream Worth The Sacrifice? l Get the life YOU love

Is Your Dream Worth The Sacrifice?

A year ago my little family and I moved from the UK to Mauritius. And I know lots of people thought “what lucky b*stards!” but what most people don’t know is that this is a journey that Ben and I have been on since the end of 2003. So today I want to share the sacrifices we made for our dream to come true.… Read more

What To Do When You Feel You're Failing As A Parent: l Get The Life YOU Love

What To Do When You Feel You’re Failing As A Parent

In December I will have been a mum for 10 years, and over that decade I’ve spent a huge amount of time feeling like I’m failing as a parent. Partly because of the expectations I’ve set myself – the things I feel I ought to be doing. Partly because, you know, I didn’t go to Parenting University and I don’t have a degree in being a mum, so I’ve been learning on the job.… Read more

How to get the life you love:

How to Get the Life YOU Love

It sounds like a no-brainer: living the life YOU love. I mean, why would you live ANYTHING but the life YOU love? Yet so few of us are actually doing it. Most people are waiting.

Waiting for someone else to improve your life for you.

Waiting for circumstances to change before really living a life YOU love.… Read more

Can Woo-Woo Work for You? l Get the Life YOU Love

Can Woo-Woo Work for You?

Can Woo-Woo Work for You?

Can positive thinking really have an effect on your life and the outcome of your actions?

Do your thoughts really influence what happens in your life?

Join me as I discuss this and share my personal experiences with the law of attraction and manifesting.

Now over to you – what are you going to make happen through Woo-Woo?!?… Read more