Happy 3rd Birthday C: An Open Letter

To my darling C,

It is your 3rd birthday today and I wanted to mark this day with an open letter, like I did last year and the year before. This letter won’t mean much to you now but I’m hoping that it’s something you will enjoy reading when you are older, and I know I like looking back on these letters and remembering how you were at different stages.… Read more

Changes, living life, taking risks

I’ve written in the past about making changes and taking risks, but I think this time we’ve exceeded what’s normal even for us!

For those who read this blog frequently you will have noticed the extreme lack of blogging this year, that would be because my life has been ridiculously busy dealing with decisions we have made.… Read more

Dancing for a better life with Comic Relief

Around this time last year I donned a red onesie, a top hat and a moustache and I walked around London in the cold, wind and rain for over 8 hours to raise money for Sport Relief via Team Honk. The weather was miserable and my body ached with the effort, but it was so worth it when we saw that our team had raised over £3,000 for the sports version of Comic Relief.… Read more

Free language tips for children

I am passionate about language-learning, in particular English and French as foreign languages. There are vast amounts of research that prove the beneficial effects of learning a second language: from reducing dementia later in life, to enabling the brain to work better in younger life. On top of that learning a foreign language helps us to empathise with other nationalities and cultures, which can’t be a bad thing!… Read more

How to find your own mummy friends

When you’re a child you make friends at school, and as you get older friends come from university or jobs. Then the one point in your life when you really need friends who know what you’re going through – motherhood – you get stuck. It’s very rare that your existing, local, friends are having children at the same time as you, so becoming a mum can be quite a lonely time.… Read more

Making goals for 2015

I’m not one for new year’s resolutions. I learnt many many years ago that they’re a recipe for failure. However I am one for goals and dreams. Around about this time last year I blogged about mine and Hubs’s plans for 2014. It was scary to commit my goals to “paper”, and then to share them with the world, but it makes you far more accountable and likely to achieve your goals.… Read more

Read 52 books a year challenge

This time last year I kept seeing people on social media talking about reading a book a week – which I knew I could never do. But then I saw another challenge, to read 52 books a year. Which I thought I might just manage. You see I quite often read a book in a day, if it’s a me day or when I’m on holiday, but then other books can take me 3 or 4 weeks to read.… Read more

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