London vs Mauritius: Life with Kids l l Get the Life YOU Love

London vs Mauritius: Life with Kids

On 31st October last year my family and I moved from London to Mauritius, and I’m asked ALL the time how family life here compares to family life in London.

So rather than replying to everyone in individual messages I did a Facebook Live video sharing my experiences of the two.… Read more

The Grass isn't Greener in Paradise: l Get the Life YOU Love

The Grass isn’t Greener in Paradise

How many hours have you spent dreaming about how much better your life would be if only you lived elsewhere? Your relationship would be incredible, your kids would be better behaved, you would be the advert-perfect wife and mum. Countless hours I’m guessing. Well I’m here to burst your bubble. I live in paradise and the grass isn’t greener here than in London.… Read more

What to do when you don't fit in: l Get the Life YOU Love

What to do when you don’t fit in

Have you ever had that feeling – as a one-off or an ongoing niggling feeling – that you just don’t fit in? Whether with friends, family, colleagues or neighbours.

On this week’s Facebook Live I share my own experiences on this very sensitive, and often upsetting subject, and offer you tips and advice for how to deal with it.… Read more

Comparison is the thief of joy and why you need to stop it: l Get the Life YOU Love

Comparison is the Thief of Joy and Why YOU Need to Stop it

Are you the Queen of Comparison?

How many times have you looked at someone – a friend, neighbour, colleague, school mum, family member – and said to yourself “she’s got it all, she’s got it made, she’s got such a good life”? And then turned round and compared it to your own life?… Read more

When you don't have a job that makes your heart sing: l Get the Life YOU Love

When you don’t have a job that makes your heart sing

Your job provides you with a sense of identity, a sense of worth. So when you don’t have a job, or have a job you hate you can feel worthless, useless or even depressed.

I had my first job at 13 years old – I delivered newspapers and babysat. By the age of 20 I had worked in a bookshop, a newsagent, Argos (a big chain store in the UK), stuffed envelopes, stuffed sandwiches, done cold calling, worked as a barmaid, as a cleaner and in a call centre.… Read more

Life without social media: an experiment l l Get the Life YOU Love

Life without social media: an experiment

Go on. Admit it. You’re addicted to social media and it’s ruining your life.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Grab your phone and open Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest.

Even before kissing the person lying next to you, or saying good morning?

Sound familiar?

Welcome to my world.

Or should I say my old world?… Read more

Goodbye for now: l Get the Life YOU Love

Goodbye for now

On Thursday evening I took one look at my out of control to do list (work and personal) and decided to sack it all off on Friday and take Léna and her friend to the beach.

She is now at an age where she can be pretty much left to her own devices, so while the two of them climbed trees, did colouring in and just general beach stuff for 9 and 10 year olds, I sat and read.… Read more

What kind of a world are we raising our kids in? l Get the Life YOU Love

What kind of a world are we raising our kids in?

I have written and re-written this blog post over and over again since the horrific events in Nice last week. Words literally fail me and my emotions changed so much over the first few days too, that something I wrote in the morning seemed so wrong by the afternoon.

For those who don’t know me, I moved to Nice as a student in 1996 for a 5 months stint at the university there as an Erasmus student.… Read more