Get the Life YOU Love

Happiness for Mums: l Happy you, Happy them. Put YOUR oxygen mask on first.

Happy times with Ben, Léna and Clémence, on holiday in Italy in 2015.

For the majority of my teenage and adult life friends have come to me for advice, this increased when I had children as I got questions about pregnancy, breastfeeding, parenting, relationships and more. Setting up my own businesses (in different countries) meant I got questions in this area too, and I quickly became the go-to for friends, and friends of friends, for all sorts of areas of advice and different questions.

Then when I started Franglaise Mummy in 2012 I started receiving questions from blog readers, “should I move to France?”, “I don’t know whether to have another baby”, “I want to pack in my job, should I?”. As I replied to email after email, it got me thinking that as mums we have so many questions as we go through parenting – questions about our kids, about our careers, about our relationships, about our friendships, about where we live, with few people to turn to.

I wanted to help, but I didn’t know how. So I kept creating blog content, and judging by the feedback I receive, this helps lots.

But I wanted to do more. I realised that one of the biggest issues for mums was making decisions and facing fears. Fear of change, fear of failure, fear of what others will say, fear of not having enough money, fear of the effect on the kids, and more.

So I put together a FREE video guide to decision-making and facing your fears (if you would like to get your free guide, just pop your first name and best email address in the box below).

All this was good, but I wanted to do more, and I am being asked for more all the time. I have lost count of the number of emails I have received where mums asked me for some kind of a course to help them. A programme that would take them in depth into why they are not 100% happy or fulfilled with their life right now, somewhere they could actually learn how to make decisions, how to face their fears, how to calculate risks and how to work on relationships – family, friends and romantic – and more, and how, through all this, they could get the life they love.

This is where “Get the Life YOU Love” came from.

I want to give you a programme where you can learn:

  • how to find what is making you unhappy and unfulfilled (it is often hidden, and we don’t want to admit what it really is)
  • how to then rectify this – turning the negative into a positive
  • how to make your own decisions, analyse all the options, and not be afraid of making the “wrong” decision
  • how to not only accept change but how to embrace it
  • how to face the fears that are holding you back from leading YOUR best life:
    – fear of failure
    – fear of what others might say / criticism
    – fear of not having enough money
    – fear of the effect on your children
  • how to calculate risks and then take the ones that make sense
  • how to eliminate toxic relationships and spend time with people who make you happy
  • how to be kind to yourself, and not put yourself last

I am working on this course now, so do not hesitate to let me know of anything else that you would like to see covered in it.

To get your free video guide to decision-making and facing your fears, to be the first to hear about Get the Life YOU Love when it launches, and to get my weekly newsletter, just pop your first name and email address in the box below.

And don’t forget I’m here if you’ve got questions you want help with or you need advice 🙂
Sophie x