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Babies who roll and children who ski

We’ve recently got back from our first family ski holiday to the French Alps. Hubs learnt to ski when he was 3 and was doing competition skiing by the age of 10. He is a God on skis. End of. I, on the other hand, “learnt” to ski in my early twenties after moving to France (where EVERYONE seems to ski), a good 15 years later I still look like Bambi, in slow motion, as I attempt to come down the slopes.… Read more

There’s no tooth fairy in France

Several of L’s teeth started wobbling way back in early July, so I warned my mum when L went to stay there for a week in late July that she may need to play the tooth fairy role. But then nothing happened. Most of August passed by and still nothing happened so I decided these teeth would take a while to come out.… Read more