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Moving back to the South of France Part 2

Yesterday I blogged about how much I loved the south of France and how I never imagined I would ever leave the French Riviera, which you can read here. Today I’m going to explain why Hubs and I made that incredibly hard decision to leave.

For a very long time the sunshine, warmth, beaches and mountains made up for so many negatives, but in the end the downside of France and the French Riviera got the better of us and we headed back to the grey, cold, rainy UK.… Read more

Moving back to the South of France Part 1

We moved to London from Nice nearly 4 years ago, and since then people have asked me, with incredulity, why on earth we moved from the sun and warmth of the French Riviera to the rain and cold of the UK.

View from the window in Nice, France #FrenchRiviera www.FranglaiseMummy.com

The view from my bedroom window in Nice when I first moved out there

When I moved to Nice, in 1998, I vowed I would never leave the area.… Read more

What is happiness?

For some reason this question was swilling around in my head yesterday. It all came about because I had this flash yesterday afternoon, this thought came into my head, totally out of the blue – I am happy. Not just content. Not just dealing with my lot. But actually, genuinely happy.… Read more

How to get the life you love: www.FranglaiseMummy.com

How to Get the Life YOU Love

It sounds like a no-brainer: living the life YOU love. I mean, why would you live ANYTHING but the life YOU love? Yet so few of us are actually doing it. Most people are waiting.

Waiting for someone else to improve your life for you.

Waiting for circumstances to change before really living a life YOU love.… Read more

Can Woo-Woo Work for You? www.FranglaiseMummy.com l Get the Life YOU Love

Can Woo-Woo Work for You?

Can Woo-Woo Work for You?

Can positive thinking really have an effect on your life and the outcome of your actions?

Do your thoughts really influence what happens in your life?

Join me as I discuss this and share my personal experiences with the law of attraction and manifesting.

Now over to you – what are you going to make happen through Woo-Woo?!?… Read more

London vs Mauritius: Life with Kids l www.FranglaiseMummy.com l Get the Life YOU Love

London vs Mauritius: Life with Kids

On 31st October last year my family and I moved from London to Mauritius, and I’m asked ALL the time how family life here compares to family life in London.

So rather than replying to everyone in individual messages I did a Facebook Live video sharing my experiences of the two.… Read more

What to do when you don't fit in: www.FranglaiseMummy.com l Get the Life YOU Love

What to do when you don’t fit in

Have you ever had that feeling – as a one-off or an ongoing niggling feeling – that you just don’t fit in? Whether with friends, family, colleagues or neighbours.

On this week’s Facebook Live I share my own experiences on this very sensitive, and often upsetting subject, and offer you tips and advice for how to deal with it.… Read more