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How not to look like a knackered mummy

You know that feeling, you’ve not had enough sleep, you can feel it, but worse, when you look in the mirror it’s written all over your face. You go on the school run, or drag yourself into work, and every time you get a glimpse of yourself you shudder at how colourless your face is, and how ill and drained you look.… Read more

Can a dress change the way you feel about yourself?

Since C was born (last November) I’ve been feeling a bit bleurgh about the way I look, I know that’s shallow and there are very serious things to worry about but it’s a fact, and seeing as this is my blog I’ll write what concerns me. I turned 37 soon after she was born, and whilst the numbers themselves don’t bother me, what does make me sad is what I see when I look in the mirror.… Read more