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Mauritius: Our first impressions

If you follow me on social media you will know that Franglaise Family has now moved on from London….to Mauritius! It’s a move that was in the pipeline for most of last year and kept me very busy, which explains why this blog has been so quiet for such a long time – sorry!… Read more

Why I shun cars

Two of my best friends in the blogging world and I have a bit of an ongoing joke: they don’t do public transport and I don’t do cars. Yesterday I wrote this blog postĀ sitting on a train on my way to a family holiday in Wales, and I thought I would try and explain why I will always favour public transport over cars.… Read more

Franglaise Family goes Spanish

After our family ski holiday to the Alps in February we decided we would have a very cheap summer holiday and staycation in London. Then winter went on. And on. And on. And the idea of not going somewhere to get sun became unthinkable. So Hubs and I decided to get a cheap last minute deal to somewhere hot.… Read more