A rant at myself

For the first time I’m linking up with Mummy Barrow and her Ranty Friday theme. I’m not sure if this is following the rules or not but I’m going to have a rant at myself.

You would think that by the ripe old age of 37, and after living on the French Riviera for 14 summers, I would know better. But no, it would seem I am still just as foolish as my 16 year old self. What am I talking about? This rather attractive, red, v-neck sunburn I’m sporting between my chin and cleavage. Yes, I was lured into the sun’s trap this week. And I’m so angry at myself about it.

I never let myself burn these days as I’ve seen what a wrinkly mess I’m becoming from sun excesses in my younger years, so I always slap on sun cream and/or cover up/stay out of the sun etc. In my defence it had been winter for soooooo long and the sun lured me in on Tuesday as it blazed in the sky, and warmed me right through to my very core. It felt sooooooo good. I knew I was sinning and I knew I’d pay for it. I’d just forgotten that you don’t catch the sun through clothes and so now I’m sporting my fetching red v-neck which only a polo neck can cover up.

I’m so angry at myself.

But I’ve learnt my lesson, and next year when we have our 3 day summer in April I will slap on the factor 50…..or soak it up again like a sun-deprived crazy woman.



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  1. Mummy Barrow says:

    Oh we have all been there!! I have a permanent mark where I have done that so often.

    One year my husband had a perfect hand print on his front where slapped on Factor 50 and didnt wipe it in. Then he fell asleep in the sun…..

    And there are no rules with Ranty Friday. Just a rant, new or old, you can link ’em all. Thank you for this one!

  2. Franglaise Mummy says:

    That had to look good!!

    Thanks for the opportunity and for the welcome 🙂

  3. Honest Mum says:

    We’ve all been there sweetie and with the weather so changeable, I don’t blame you for one second!

  4. Franglaise Mummy says:

    Aww, thanks!

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