Bluestone National Park Holiday in Wales: Day Three

With a slight delay here is our third day at Bluestone National Park. Our final day was filled with getting out of our comfort zone, both for me and our 7 year old daughter. Oh and lots of heights.

We woke after another great night’s sleep, ready to attack our final full day at Bluestone. We’d arranged to meet up with Alison from Not another mummy blog, and family, as well as Becky from Munchies and Munchkins, and family, in the Adventure Centre.

Becky from Munchies and Munchkins with baby

Becky from Munchies and Munchkins with her adorable 7 month old

But beforehand we really wanted to have one last swim at the Blue Lagoon. L even managed to convince me to go down a water slide with her. Just the one though as it was a bit too nerve-wracking for my liking – yes I’m a wuss!

Once we got to the Adventure Centre we got ready for L and me to do “The Swing”, which was the final element of “The Big Four” that we’d booked in for L and Hubs/me.

I’d not seen The Swing in action and just thought it would be this gentle swing, just up high. Then I got strapped into a harness. And a crash helmet. And got attached to about 4 different elements.

Woman on the big swing

Once I was strapped into the big swing, “ready” for the off.

Then the instructor explained how I was going to be winched up towards the ceiling, before being released, to go swinging across the top of the Adventure Centre. Gulp. I was regretting saying I’d do this one with L. And wondered whether she’d even manage it.

Woman being winched up on the big swing

Being winched up into the rafters….

I didn’t really know what to expect but not what happened next. As I was released I suddenly went sailing down and through the air. And I screamed. Like I’ve never screamed before. Apologies to all those present, and those across South Wales who no doubt heard me. It was sooooooo scary!!

Woman on swing

A slightly blurry capture of me flying through the air

I caught a glimpse of L’s face, looking terrified, so I quickly changed my squeals to whoops of joy and excitement. And I did sit back into it and start to enjoy it.

Once I’d stumbled down (jelly legs anyone?) it was L’s turn. She didn’t look overly confident and I was really worried about how she was going to find it. She is only 7 after all, and a small 7 year old at that.

Girl on the big swing

L getting ready for lift-off

But she was a trooper. I could see she was terrified first of all, but she didn’t try to backtrack, and she ended up loving it too.

Afterwards we stayed and played/chatted with Alison and Becky and families for a while, before Becky and family came back to ours for some lunch. It was lovely to catch up with some blogging friends, and was great to see how our kids got on so well too.

Girls holding hands

Becky from Munchies and Munchkins’ eldest daughter with L

Finally it was time for L’s last holiday activity – tree climbing. Sod’s law would have it that this outdoor activity would be done in the rain. Not exactly great conditions, but at least it wasn’t too cold or windy.

Hubs did this one with her – I was DONE with getting out of my comfort zone and overcoming any fears, known or unknown.

L did amazingly well again. Climbing around 10 metres up high in a tree no problem at all. But then her fear of letting herself go and “falling” came back again. And she stayed up in the tree, frozen, for a good 10 minutes. Eventually coming down little by little, climbing/hanging/swinging from the harness.

They had time to climb up a second tree, this time harder and higher – around 14 metres high. Again L climbed it no problem, but this time she found it easier to come down as she jumped from a third of the way up, then a bit higher, and a bit higher.

Girl climbing a tree

L, in her element, climbing a tree

Hopefully her time at Bluestone has helped L to overcome these fears, but I think we need to look into finding her a climbing wall near us to keep working on this issue.

By the time Hubs and L got back to our little lodge it was chucking it down with rain, so we ended the holiday snuggled up together as a family, watching TV and reading.

A lovely peaceful end to an incredible holiday. My review with all the pros and cons, a video of the week, and my tips for a holiday to Bluestone will be live in the next week or so.

Disclosure: our family was gifted a 5 day holiday to Bluestone National Park in exchange for one blog post about it. We’ve found it to be such an amazing place that I chose to blog about it each day, with our experiences. As ever this is totally honest and all words and opinions are my/our own.


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