Should you let your child decorate your Christmas tree?

First of all I apologise for using the C word before the end of October, but I love Christmas and with children it’s even better!

This will be our 8th Christmas with our own little ones and each year just gets better. We love the understanding that L has of Christmas now, and the fun that brings. Although last year she went to her friend’s Hanukkah party and decided she’d like to become Jewish; I told her that was fine but then she couldn’t have Christmas anymore, to which she replied “how about, instead of being half English and half French, I can be half Jewish and half French, because the French are all about Christmas, they won’t make me give it up”!

We love the fact that L now has a baby sister, C, to share the excitement of Christmas with, and having a baby at Christmas again is great fun too.

For as long as L has been big enough, we’ve let her decorate the Christmas tree, as she loves doing it. This has meant choosing the decorations and putting them on the tree, where she wants and how many she wants.

For the last few years this has meant lots of bright pink and silver tinsel and baubles from the local pound shop, which as you can see makes for an interesting looking tree:

L with our tree on Christmas morning last year

L with our tree on Christmas morning last year

Whilst I love the fact that she decorates the tree, her way, I would love a classic-looking, attractive tree. There is some hope though, as she seems to have been getting her style on this year, and has pointed out some far better-looking decorations that she would like for this year. In particular we both agree on the gorgeous John Lewis Rural Life Collection for this year:

Note the difference in class in the two photos!

Note the difference in class in the two photos!

Photo credit © John Lewis website

Now we just need to convince Hubs as I think he has been enjoying the tacky bling bling of our recent Christmas trees!

Do you let your children decorate your Christmas tree? If so, please reassure me that your trees look as “gorgeous” as ours?!?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. As ever the words and opinions are my own – come back around Christmastime to see which decoration style wins this year!


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  1. HonestMum says:

    I love the ritual we have of all decorating the tree and have tried to get the kids involved as much as possible (keeping them safe of course) picking out baubles etc. We have the most wonderful wooden ornaments too that we’ve had in the family for years. I can’t wait for this year now Oliver is nearly 4 to get him more involved!
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    • Franglaise Mummy says:

      That sounds so lovely 🙂 Maybe I’ll keep the kids involved for a while more yet then 😉

  2. JudyM says:

    Not having children, our trees have always been a tasteful triumph of crystal, silver and white… And somehow, missing something. The blingtastic, the lopsided fairy in her sparkly frock (no Swarovski stars, thank you Santa!); the Star Wars tree my nephews make one year, the splodgy cardboard and glitter creations proudly brought home from school craft sessions… These are the things that make a Christmas tree!
    When L and C are up and away with their own trees, I bet a teeny part of you will yearn to chuck a rope of pound shop tinsel over your immaculate Festive Fir!
    I’m with Hubs on this one !

  3. Jenny says:

    Absolutely – my 6yo daughter has been decorating our tree for a couple of years – since she showed interest. It is slightly different in our house though in that she does it her way but using decorations we already have. I started collecting decorations from around the world when I used to travel a lot with work and we now have a bit if a tradition of talking about where each came from as she decorates.

    • Franglaise Mummy says:

      That sounds like a lovely tradition – I’ll be coming over to see your tree then. Ours will be blingtastic no doubt 😉

  4. Love ypur tree with all its tinsel! Why not have 2 trees?
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    • Franglaise Mummy says:

      Thanks! It’s hard enough finding space for the one tree, let alone two! Maybe we’ll stay blingtastic for a few more years…

  5. I totally get this. When mine were tiny I used to wait until they’d gone to bed and then hide all the tacky decs behind the tree. I used to wonder why my parents had such a hideous tree when mine was all colour coordinated and gorgeous. Now I know that actually it’s such a short time, and I’ve learned to focus on the joy they have rather than the glamour. Must just remember not to keep going into my eighties with the tat though 😉
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    • Franglaise Mummy says:

      I’ve decided to give up on having a decent looking tree for the next 10 or so years. L decorated ours yesterday, and I have to say that a 7 year old decorates one better than a 6 year old….but next year C will be 2 so will no doubt want to “help”!

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