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Dear Dad….an open letter

I meant to write this open letter to my Dad on Sunday in honour of Fathers’ Day, but we were too busy enjoying Fathers’ Day all together. Then Tara from Sticky Fingers offered up the subject of “Dad” for this week’s gallery, so this blog post is in honour of my amazing dad.… Read more

Grateful for baby brothers

Hubs is away at the moment, and as I blogged about here this means that not only am I solo parenting but I also need to attempt to walk the dog on my own with L (age 6) and C (age 6 months). The solo parenting I don’t have a problem with, but trying to walk the dog with the kids is always a challenge.… Read more

What does old mean to me?

This week’s Gallery theme over at Sticky Fingers is “Old”. When I first read that the first thing I thought was “how I feel now”. At 36 weeks pregnant and a lot less mobile than I usually am, I feel very old and creaky, but I didn’t think that would make an attractive gallery photo, so I carried on thinking.… Read more