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How not to look like a knackered mummy

You know that feeling, you’ve not had enough sleep, you can feel it, but worse, when you look in the mirror it’s written all over your face. You go on the school run, or drag yourself into work, and every time you get a glimpse of yourself you shudder at how colourless your face is, and how ill and drained you look.… Read more

Solo parenting sucks

If you follow me on social media you’ll know that I was solo parenting last week – from Saturday early afternoon a week ago until last night, to be precise. Hubs was away in Morocco on holiday with his twin brother and their best friend (and his best man from our wedding); he’d just finished a pretty stressful job, and has got a fair amount on his plate with an ill father, so it seemed right that he spend some chill time with these two key people.… Read more

Anyone else suffering from back to school-itis?

We are a few weeks into the new school year and it would appear that the Franglaise family has been struck by back to school-itis from L. She’s 6 now and has just moved into Year 2, which brings with it more responsibility, harder work and more of it. All of which have combined to create a 6 year old who is a cross between a teenager and a toddler.… Read more