Anyone else suffering from back to school-itis?

We are a few weeks into the new school year and it would appear that the Franglaise family has been struck by back to school-itis from L. She’s 6 now and has just moved into Year 2, which brings with it more responsibility, harder work and more of it. All of which have combined to create a 6 year old who is a cross between a teenager and a toddler.

The summer holidays were amazing (once we got over end of term-itis), we had so much fun, L was so well behaved, we were like one of those perfect advert families (you know those ones, that don’t actually exist?). The first week or so of school were full of excitement and fun – being back with all her old friends again, lots of “new” things: new teacher, new classroom etc. Then came the reality that spellings need to be learnt, homework is harder, and reading takes longer. And suddenly school is more tiring, cue meltdowns before and after.

So am I the only one to be suffering this condition at the moment? In case you’re not sure here are some symptoms:

  • Full on temper tantrum if something is slightly not right (“Why did you mix the honey into my weetabix?!?”)
  • Waterworks at any moment of the day for any reason (“I don’t want my hair like this today!!!” Sob, sob, sob).
  • Child throwing him/herself to the floor in a manner not seen since he/she turned 3.
  • General sobbing, wailing, screaming, fists pummelling the floor, stomping, door-slamming.
  • Total inability to listen to reason (the child, not the parent).

Please tell me this sounds familiar to other people out there and it’s not just me?

Funnily enough I haven’t got any photos of L having a total meltdown, instead here is her impression of a crying baby. In her baby sister’s highchair. As you do when you’re nearly 7.

L doing her best crying baby impression

L doing her best crying baby impression

I am linking this up with Mummy Barrow’s Ranty Friday but I’m ranting at the behaviour, not at L, I know she’s not doing this on purpose, and I’m hoping this is a temporary illness that she’ll get over soon. Click on the badge below to see what others are ranting about today, or join in with your own rant.



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  1. Karen says:

    Yup, same here. Year 2 is much harder, Em is tired and we too are having BAFTA award winning meltdowns and totally illogical emotional wobbles. I’m hoping it eases.
    Karen recently posted…Friday’s Rants from the Soap Box in My Living RoomMy Profile

  2. Mummy Barrow says:

    Yep, very familiar. Believe me it will pass. Its all about pushing boundaries and knowing where they are. Previously they have been in a group of just them and parents and siblings. Now they are vying for attention and just take a while to settle into the idea of needing to compete all the time!

    Breathe, it wont be for long
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    • Franglaise Mummy says:

      I wouldn’t mind if she was just starting school, but she’s in Year 2 now, so has done one year of full time school in France (they start at 3 in France), a year of (school) nursery here, reception and Year 1, so it shouldn’t really be too much of a shock. We’re attempting to work through it all though….bit by bit!

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