The secret to decorating rental accommodation for kids

Since we relocated to London in 2010 we have been living in rental property, which we have mostly loved, having been home-owners in France – it’s so liberating contacting the landlord when something breaks rather than having to pay to get it fixed/fixing it yourself 🙂

However there is one thing that I really miss, and that is having the freedom to put my own stamp on the place. Hubs flinches every time I hammer in a nail as he’s convinced it means we won’t get our deposit back, and painting rooms the colours we want is out of the question.

This doesn’t bother me too much for us, especially as the house we’re in now is decorated quite neutrally, but it is a shame that the girls don’t get to have a really cool bedroom, that’s styled to their tastes and likes.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I heard about Tinyme. If you’ve not heard about this Australian family-run company, than where have you been?!

Tinyme started out with 3 young dads (who happen to have 14 small children between them) with an idea, in a spare bedroom, down under. Fast forward 7 years and they’re a global company, still making cool stuff, but still very much family-run.

I don’t know about you, but in a world of big corporations I do like to support the little guy.

However with Tinyme you don’t just need to be sold on who they are, because what they have on offer will win you over too.

Personalised toys and labels rub shoulders with wall stickers/decorations, which stand side by side with personalised bags and numerous items of stationery.

I could spend hours drooling over their beautiful products, but what I really, really love is their various decor, in particular the wall and door stickers. As these are repositionable and removable they are perfect for those of us in rental accommodation, or simply if you/your children like to change your decor frequently.

We have recently decorated the girls’ bedroom with a selection of wall and door stickers, and I LOVE the change these simple stickers can make (as do the girls!).

Tinyme door stickers

The girls’ personalised bedroom door 🙂

L had great fun decorating their bedroom wall with the stickers we chose.

Tinyme wall sticker application

L concentrating on applying the wall stickers

C absolutely loves climbing on L’s bed to play with the bunnies and butterflies 🙂

Baby playing with Tinyme wall stickers

C playing with the rabbits and butterflies on the wall

The stickers are really easy to place and reposition, so you can move them around easily without worrying about marks or walls being damaged. L loved applying them and C constantly wants to play with them, so I’d say they have been a big success here!

I love the concept behind Tinyme, I love the fact I’m supporting a family company, I love their products and I love their customer service (despite being on the other side of the world the postage costs and delivery time was what I would expect from a UK-based company). I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them as they are also incredibly reasonably priced: the wall stickers cost £21 and the door stickers cost £20, which is excellent value for money as the quality is outstanding.

Funnily enough a friend came over with her 3 year old daughter recently and, without knowing I was writing this review, showed me the personalised sticker her daughter had on her water bottle that she loved and was really proud of. And guess which company made that sticker? The one and only Tinyme. So don’t just take my word for it – take that of my friend’s 3 year old, who loves them too!

You can buy Tinyme products from their website here.

Disclosure: I was invited to a Tinyme event where I was given a sheet of wall stickers and a voucher to redeem online, which I put towards buying the above. I was not asked to review their products but I was really so impressed that I wanted to share this honest review with my readers.


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