Where to visit in Normandy for D-Day history

For those of you who know me you’ll know I’m passionate about 20th Century history, in particular the Second World War. When I was little I used to quiz my Grandma about what it was like during the war, and then when I moved to France it was the turn of my gran-in-law to answer my questions about how different it was for the French during WWII.

As I’m sure you’re aware today marks the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings – more commonly known as D-Day (and Jour-J in French) – and I’m lucky enough to have been given this fab infographic D-Day guide, by Brittany Ferries, to share with you in case you’re considering visiting the area in the coming months, and want to take in some of its history:

A trip to remember - where to visit in Normandy to discover the history of D-Day: An infographic

Image source: Brittany Ferries presents the D-Day guide.

As we have family in Brittany, which is not too far from Normandy, I really hope that Hubs and I will get a chance to take the girls over to northern France at some point, to share with L (and C when she is older) the importance of D-Day, and to make the history come alive for them.

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  1. Justine Allen says:

    We holidayed in Normandy in 2008 when our eldest was 8 months old. We toured the beaches, Pegasus Bridge and Arromanches. My one abiding memory is standing on the cliff top, holding our baby boy in my arms, looking out to sea and the total silence. Will visit again with both children now they’re older.

    • Franglaise Mummy says:

      It’s somewhere I really hope to visit soon with the kids. So important to remember and share with the next generation.

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