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Proud of my 40 year old body

When I originally decided to blog about my 40 year old body the title that came to mind was “Coming to terms with my 40 year old body”, but the more I thought about it the more I hated the whole negativity of it, and I started to list reasons I was proud of my 40 year old body.… Read more

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Breastfeeding: What they don’t tell you

Breastfeeding is such a controversial topic. You will only just have announced your pregnancy and everyone will already be interested in whether you’re going breast or bottle. Never has it been so acceptable to be this interested in a woman’s mammary glands!

I know many women (in the UK) who were given the impression that breastfeeding should be such a natural, automatic, easy act that they felt such a failure when it didn’t work for them.… Read more

Breastfeeding makes you need a boob job

When I had my first daughter, L, in France in 2006 this is the type of comment I would hear. There are some French women and medical professionals who are totally pro breastfeeding but they are few and far between, which means if you do want to breastfeed you have to really fight your corner.… Read more

Does my style of parenting shock you?

As a Brit, married to a Frenchman, raising our children first in France and now in the UK in what we call our franglais way, I know that we shock some people with our style of parenting. It is amazing to think that so few miles separate the UK from France but that culturally these two countries are so different.… Read more