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Top French kids' brands come to England l l French and English Parenting and Lifestyle Ramblings

Top French kids’ brands come to England

There are various great reasons to live in England instead of France. You pay fewer taxes. You have to deal with far less bureaucracy. People are more polite. There is less dog poo everywhere. It’s easier to have a career and to get a job in general.

BUT you do miss out on some of the great things that France has to offer.… Read more

Do you bunk bed? l l French and English Parenting and Lifestyle Ramblings

Do you bunk bed?

Our youngest daughter, C, has just turned 2 and this age brings with it a fair amount of milestones and lasts. She now drinks out of real cups, can master cutlery, is into pull-ups as she plays with her potty and has moved out of her cot.

I’m mostly certain that C will be our last baby which makes these lasts that bit more poignant.… Read more

Keep Calm the New Mum's Manual l Dr Ellie Cannon l The only baby book you need l l French and English Parenting and Lifestyle Ramblings

The only baby book you need

I was delighted to recently receive the wonderful news that someone close to me is pregnant with her first baby (you know who you are, E), which inspired me to finally write a review of Dr Ellie Cannon’s book for new mums that I received and read (in 48 hours) a few months ago.… Read more

A decent bra vs a boob job

A decent bra vs a boob job l Photo of Chantelle Superbe bra in black and violet l l French and English Parenting and Lifestyle Ramblings

Chantelle “Superbe” bra in black and violet

Any woman who’s had a baby is likely to tell you that her boobs are now shot to pieces, whether she’s breastfed or not. Some will tell you they are desperate for a boob job if only they could afford it. Others say they would like plastic surgery but are afraid of the risks.… Read more

Garden toys from ASDA – a review

We moved back to the UK from France when L was 3 & 1/2, and not having anywhere to live when we first arrived (hello Chez Mum & Dad) we decided to get rid of all of L’s old toys, clothes and baby stuff before leaving France.

This was a fantastic idea as it meant we didn’t have to pay removers, or storage, for toys she no longer played with and clothes she no longer wore.… Read more

My Writing Process Blog Tour

I was surprised and proud to receive an email from the lovely Pauline from A Frog at Large recently, asking me to participate in a blog tour about my writing process. Pauline’s blog is one of the very first ones I found when I started Franglaise Mummy, and I highly recommend it.… Read more

Bluestone National Park: Review and Video

Here is my final blog post on our recent holiday to Bluestone National Park in Pembrokeshire, Wales, with all the pros and cons of the stay, whether I think it is value for money and the fab video montage that my very clever Hubs put together of our time there.

Without further ado here is the video which includes (a lot of) climbing, much embarrassment of Mummy including jumping on a bouncy castle, climbing up a wall and swinging from the rafters, the kids helping out in our lodge and much more.… Read more

Feeling gorgeous and buying British

I don’t know about you but I spend about 350 days a year wearing the same boring old clothes – jeans and a t-shirt. If the weather is warm I’ll team this up with a pair of flip flops and maybe a cardigan, or (as is more often the case) if the weather is bad then I’ll add boots and a hoodie.… Read more