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Myth-busting about childminding

A few months ago I decided to not return to my full-time job as an account director in a digital marketing agency in London. Instead I opted to work as a childminder, looking after our two girls and an additional two children of similar ages.

I got mixed responses – some people thought I was crazy (and I’m sure there are many more who haven’t voiced it), and quite a lot of people supported me in my new life, where I’ll be around for my children.… Read more

Does my style of parenting shock you?

As a Brit, married to a Frenchman, raising our children first in France and now in the UK in what we call our franglais way, I know that we shock some people with our style of parenting. It is amazing to think that so few miles separate the UK from France but that culturally these two countries are so different.… Read more