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Bluestone National Park Holiday in Wales: Day Two

The holiday fun continues with day two of our holiday at the fab Bluestone national park in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The fresh air and non-stop activities mean that the girls are sleeping even better than usual, which means we get to have a (relative) lie-in too.

Baby and big sister in cot

L and C slept late and then entertained each other in C’s cot, leaving Hubs and me to sleep 🙂

We had booked C in to 3 hours of creche activity – Captain Cove Seaside Discovery – in the morning, during which time we intended to go back to the Adventure Centre, where we hoped L would feel more comfortable letting herself “fall” when on the climbing wall.… Read more

Bluestone National Park Holiday in Wales: Day One

Arriving in Pembrokeshire on Monday afternoon was a wonderful experience. I’d say that 99% of my visits to Wales have been in the rain, so to arrive in the blazing sunshine, to the beautiful surroundings of South Wales was a real treat.

This week, Hubs, L, C and I are guests of Bluestone National Park near Narberth and over the next few days I’ll be posting about what we’re up to, before giving a final overall review at the end of our time here.… Read more

Learning to climb back on the horse (bike)

This weekend Hubs, L and I were lucky enough to be invited along to the Lee Valley VeloPark for L to do a BMX taster session. The invitation was just for children, but somehow some of the dads wangled their way in (maybe as a Fathers’ Day treat?), and before we knew it Hubs was kitted up with a helmet and gloves too, and was in his element.… Read more

I’m going to Britmums Live 2014

Seeing as this time next week I’ll be enjoying myself at Britmums Live, I thought It was about time I write my post all about it, and join up with the “I’m going to Britmums Live” linky, so here goes….

Name: Sophie

Blog: Franglaise Mummy and I also co-blog a food blog with Hubs: Franglaise Cooking.… Read more

Book of Firsts

A few months ago I was contacted by Start-rite shoes, asking me if I would like to try out their First Shoes range, which included a personalised video – the Book of Firsts – to mark the milestone of getting your baby their first shoes.

I thought this was a lovely idea as getting the girls their first shoes was a big deal, both times, as that meant they were walking and were very much going from being babies to toddlers.… Read more

How to look good post children

I am now 38, I have had 2 pregnancies (the last one age 36) and I really feel that you can tell this when you look at my body. Everything feels a bit floppy, saggy, droopy. Pert is a long-gone word, and all of this does get me down.

Whilst I couldn’t be happier about being able to have two pregnancies, to bring my two daughters into this world and to breastfeed them, it does make me sad to think back to my teen and 20-something pre-pregnancy body.… Read more

Speechless for the first time in my life

About 6 months ago I managed to persuade Hubs to set up a food blog with me. You see I couldn’t do it on my own as he is the cook in the family, so whilst I could have fun writing blog posts, and doing the whole social media bit, I needed him to do the actual recipe and cooking bit.… Read more

The secret to decorating rental accommodation for kids

Since we relocated to London in 2010 we have been living in rental property, which we have mostly loved, having been home-owners in France – it’s so liberating contacting the landlord when something breaks rather than having to pay to get it fixed/fixing it yourself 🙂

However there is one thing that I really miss, and that is having the freedom to put my own stamp on the place.… Read more