My twin girls, born 6 years apart

When I was pregnant with L, 7 years ago, I wondered what she would look like. I always said I hoped she took after Hubs physically and me personality-wise, as he was devil-baby and I was angel-baby, and it turned out to be that way more or less. When she was born she was Hubs’s spitting image and everyone used to call her his mini-me.

Fast forward 6 years to when I was pregnant with C, and again I wondered what she might look like. The only baby I could visualise was L, as she was the only baby that I knew that well. However I couldn’t imagine having two siblings that look alike. That might sound strange, but let me explain. I am one of five children (same parents) and none of us look in the slightest alike, here we are as children:

Old family photo

I’m on the left, with my two older sisters and two younger brothers

So I did wonder whether my two babies might resemble each other, whilst finding it hard to imagine at the same time. Then C was born and though she was similar to L as a newborn it didn’t go any further than that. Around the time C was 3 months old I started to look at photos of L as a baby and that’s when it hit me, they were almost identical! Just recently I dug out a picture of L at 10 months old and put it next to an equivalent picture of C – and I realised I had twins!

C is on the left, L is on the right

C is on the left, L is on the right

Funnily enough it’s not just the physical similarities either. When L was born in France nearly 7 years ago I didn’t read (or really know about) any parenting books, so we just went with the flow with regards to feeds and sleeps, and she settled herself into her own little routine, was an incredibly chilled baby who slept through pretty much from the get-go.

6 years later I wanted C to fit into our existing routine, so from birth we went down the Gina Ford route….for 6 weeks, then L was on school holidays, Hubs was on paternity leave and I couldn’t see any sense in setting an alarm for 7am to wake my sleeping baby. So I didn’t. And the strangest thing happened. C slipped into the same routine that L had developed on her own 6 years earlier. And C then started sleeping through from the dream feed to 7/8am in the morning. That I could definitely handle.

So not only do my girls look like twins, but they also seem to have a very similar personality (that remains to be seen as the years go by though!). It really is the strangest thing for me: my two girls are like twins, yet I am one of five and we couldn’t be more different. Out of the five of us four have lived/live abroad (New Zealand, Cyprus and France) and career-wise it’s very varied too: I’ve worked in languages, marketing/PR, teaching and been a PA, then we have a business owner, a doctor, one in the City and another in the police force. I wonder where my girls will end up, and as what…..??

What about you? Are your children alike? What about you and your siblings? I’d love to hear what your experiences are.

I am so lucky to have the amazing daughters that I have, similar or different, it doesn’t matter, they are just perfect. I’m linking this post up to The Oliver’s Madhouse magic moments, click below to read other magic moments:


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  1. I have four girls and it is the 7 and 3 year olds and the 5 and 1 year olds that look alike/ act alike, very strange indeed #magicmoments
    chantelle hazelden recently posted…Learning and ImprovingMy Profile

  2. Katie says:

    Wow that’s uncanny – they are virtually identical.

    I have two boys and they do look quite similar but i think its is more in the expressions they have and the faces they pull that anything else. I think the youngest is a bit more chilled out though – or maybe that’s just wishful thinking 😉
    Katie recently posted…V is for VirusMy Profile

    • Franglaise Mummy says:

      It really is the strangest thing. People say that I’m like my (blond, straight-haired, blue-eyed) sister as we have similar mannerisms.

  3. Jaime Oliver says:

    OMG they certainly do look like they should have been twins!! i so love looking at photos of my 2 to see if there any resemblance

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x
    Jaime Oliver recently posted…Nocturnal Nightmares Of The Toddler KindMy Profile

    • Franglaise Mummy says:

      It is the strangest thing – although our eldest has curly hair and it’s looking like the baby is going to have straight hair so that’ll really make them look different as they get older.

  4. Honestmum says:

    So funny and apt (love a sensationalist headline too-go girl)…my boys are morphing into one another, well A is looking so like O and my Dad even joked that my husband and I keep having the same baby over and over! x
    Honestmum recently posted…Funny Things My Kid Says-The Pre School Report EditionMy Profile

    • Franglaise Mummy says:

      It’s so strange to have such similar kids – just as well we got rid of all of L’s baby clothes when we left France otherwise photos could have been confusing! Glad you like the title 😉

  5. Julie Durfee says:

    I have a daugher 8. And a baby girl 5 months. The baby in pictures is identical and has the same personality traits. Very strong identical physical and personality traits. It has me wondering if their twins that happen to be born years apart or if it is possible for the same person to be reincarnated while alive. My husband has a male figure on his ancestory side that keeps reacouring too, with the same looks and personality traits. Wonder why that is.

  1. 19/03/2016

    […] look less like L every day, where you once looked like twins at the same age, and strangely it looks like you’re going to have your dad’s straight hair instead of […]

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