Franglaise Mummy coming to your screens

A while back I talked about being filmed for a Channel 4 documentary on home remedies where I would be talking about my experiences with amber beads for teething. Well the time has come for that programme to air! The first snippet is now online and can be viewed here.

The show starts on Monday 21st October and I’m in the first episode with L and C. It’s on Channel 4 at 8.30pm and is called Health Freaks. So if you want to see what I have to say about amber necklaces and teething, or you want to see what I sound like/what the three of us really look like (outside of just photos on this blog) then tune in.

Disclaimer: If I look like an idiot then it’s all down to poor editing ­čśë

Here I am, with L & C, talking to the GPs on the show
Here I am, with L & C, talking to the GPs on the show

6 thoughts on “Franglaise Mummy coming to your screens”

    1. Hope you enjoyed it. I always think they look like Hubs but more and more people are telling me they look like me.

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