What To Do When You Feel You’re Failing As A Parent

In December I will have been a mum for 10 years, and over that decade I’ve spent a huge amount of time feeling like I’m failing as a parent. Partly because of the expectations I’ve set myself – the things I feel I ought to be doing. Partly because, you know, I didn’t go to Parenting University and I don’t have a degree in being a mum, so I’ve been learning on the job.

In today’s Facebook Live video I share several of my parenting fails and mummy guilt trips – not all of them as I didn’t want to be filming all day! I also give you tips and tricks that have worked and do work for me when trying to avoid feeling like I’m failing as a parent, or when trying to keep the guilt monsters at bay.

Catch the replay here:

Do you suffer from mummy guilt too? Do you often feel you’re failing as a parent? Share away in the comments below so the rest of us don’t feel like it’s just us!

And if this video helped you, do share it far and wide, and let’s stop the whole #ParentingFail and #MummyGuilt feelings!

With much love,
Sophie x


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  1. yes there are many moments when we feel guilty..but i guess every parenting journey is tough and unique. we should not judge us or other parents ..but continue to do best and adapt parenting tecchniques that will help us and our children. finally we all want to raise healthy and responsible kids.


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