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I’ve had a bucket list kicking round in my head ever since watching the film with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, so when Money Supermarket launched a competition, getting bloggers to post about their bucket list, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to actually write them down.

Here is my very own bucket list:

  • Learn to swim again properly. I used to be fairly strong swimmer and a real water baby; I had swimming lessons until the lifesaver course (the one where you have to rescue someone, wearing pyjamas and shoes) and I’ve done various sponsored swims. The reason I lost my water confidence is a long story that I may share another day, but basically I rarely swim now, I just dip into the pool (with my head above the water) on holiday to cool off, but that’s about it. I hate that I don’t feel confident enough to play in the pool with L on holiday, although this does give her and Hubs a good chance to bond. So one day (before the girls are too much older) I would like to have one on one lessons and get that confidence back. I just need to find some spare time and cash first.
  • Take L to see a West End musical. L is 6 and a half, and is crazy about musicals. On top of that we live in London so see adverts for them all the time, but the budget never seems to stretch to taking her to see one. Every year we say we will take her during the summer holidays, or at Christmas, and then we never manage to as something more important comes up that needs paying for. She would love to see various different ones, including the all new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mamma Mia and Matilda. I really hope to take her to one before the end of next year at the latest.
  • Take a sabbatical en famille to travel round Europe for 6 months in a camping van, and then New Zealand and Australia for 6 months. This is something we would really love to do before L goes to secondary school, as between Hubs and me, we reckon we could do a year of home schooling for her at primary level. Both of us have always been tempted by travelling around a country in a camper van. Europe is the obvious choice as it’s nearby, we have family in France, but I also speak Spanish and can get by with the basics in German and Italian. The 6 months on the other side of the world is due to the fact my sister and her family live in New Zealand, and me having  friends and family in Australia too….we just need to find enough money to fund this for a family of four now!
  • Have a combined wedding vow renewal and naming ceremony for the girls.

    Hubs and I on our wedding day (next to our French wedding cake)

    Hubs and I on our wedding day (next to our French wedding cake)

    Tomorrow it will be 10 years since Hubs and I first said “I do”; we always said we would have a second wedding for our 10th wedding anniversary, but finances have gone against us in making this happen. Also as atheists we never wanted to have our children christened, but would like to celebrate their arrival in the world with a secular ceremony, so a naming ceremony makes perfect sense. Our wedding day was just the most perfect day ever, and it would make me so happy to have a big party with our family and friends, to relive our wedding and to renew our wedding vows; combining it with a naming ceremony to celebrate L and C’s arrival into our lives would just be the icing on the cake.

  • Finish writing a book and get it out there. Having had L in France, and having lived there until she was 3 and a half, then having had C in the UK, I have experienced such enormous differences for two countries that are geographically so close. I have started writing a book comparing my two pregnancy experiences, and I would then like to go on and write another one on the baby years. Alas time is not always on a mother’s side for such things. But one day….

As I mentioned above, this post is in response to a competition on Money Supermarket, so the budget item from above is to take L to see a West End musical, while my extravagant item is the wedding vow renewal and naming ceremony.

If you have a bucket list and would like to enter the competition, click here, but watch out as you’ve only got until tomorrow before it closes. I think the following bloggers might be interested in entering into the fun….if they’ve got time to blog this by tomorrow that is!

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4 Responses

  1. JudyM says:

    I can’t imagine anyone more deserving of the prize than you! Even your choices involve giving to other people… As for the ‘extravagance’ of your Vow Renewal and Naming Ceremonies, this can be as simple as a cream tea and prosecco. The Ceremony would be my gift to you and yours x

    A lovely blog article as ever – and DO do those things on your list.. Because I want to live the NZ trip vicariously 🙂

    • Franglaise Mummy says:

      Thanks Judy! You know that you and would totally be part of our ceremony. We know what we want but need a bit of money for it as we want a big party for family and friends, with lots of eating, drinking, dancing and merriment 😉 My aim is to get through the whole list and in the next 10 years if possible, so watch this space re NZ.

  2. Thanks very much for the tag. There’s no way I will manage it by tomorrow though!
    What a fab list. I can definitely recommend the West End musical. We’ve taken our kids to Wizard of Oz and Billy Elliot and we’ve got Matilda booked for my 40th birthday treat! I hope you manage to do your trip. Friends of ours did it round Scandinavia and it was the best thing ever.

    • Franglaise Mummy says:

      Count it as a compliment – I thought if there were 3 bloggers who could pull a blog post out of the hat in a day it would be you three 😉

      Would you recommend either of those musicals for a 6 year old girl? She knows the Wizard of Oz film well but not Billy Elliot.

      I’m really hoping the trip comes off and it doesn’t just end up as pie in the sky, life’s too short.

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