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Gender disappointment: when you have same sex children

Gender disappointment: when you have same sex children

I hadn’t realised that gender disappointment or gender preferences existed until I announced I was pregnant with Léna, our eldest. Almost immediately people asked me whether we wanted a boy or a girl. This question about our unborn baby’s gender really shocked me. We don’t live in a country, age or society where one gender is more important than the other, so why the big deal?… Read more

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The only baby book you need

I was delighted to recently receive the wonderful news that someone close to me is pregnant with her first baby (you know who you are, E), which inspired me to finally write a review of Dr Ellie Cannon’s book for new mums that I received and read (in 48 hours) a few months ago.… Read more

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Should you have one last baby?

After having our eldest daughter, L, I kept being asked if we wanted to have a second child. Which was a no-brainer, of course we did. It just took us a while to get round to it.

6 years later we finally had our second daughter, C, and I was convinced I was done.… Read more

Book of Firsts

A few months ago I was contacted by Start-rite shoes, asking me if I would like to try out their First Shoes range, which included a personalised video – the Book of Firsts – to mark the milestone of getting your baby their first shoes.

I thought this was a lovely idea as getting the girls their first shoes was a big deal, both times, as that meant they were walking and were very much going from being babies to toddlers.… Read more

How do you know if you’re suffering from post-natal depression?

This post has been going round in my mind for the longest time, and I’ve ummed and ahhed about whether to write it or not over and over again, as it is deeply personal and revealing, and very few people, if anyone, know this whole story. But recently I’ve read some very honest and open blog posts about fellow bloggers’ experiences with pregnancy, childbirth and life with a new baby, all of which I have found very useful, so here goes.… Read more

Why are the Brits so anal about suppositories?

This post may affect those with a sensitive disposition as it is about bums, and putting things up them. And no, not in a kinky way. People often ask me about the differences between France and the UK, and whilst the countries are not the same there’s not necessarily a lot that makes separates them.… Read more

Should you bother doing an NCT refresher course?

Around this time last year I was 7 months pregnant and was mulling over whether to bother doing an NCT refresher course or not. I had had L in France in 2006 with no NCT or any antenatal preparation at all really – not that it made much difference as I ended up with an induction and an epidural and she was born pretty quickly, so I wasn’t sure if there was any point in doing NCT with our second.… Read more

Are pets worth it?

When I was growing up we were banned from having pets, the excuse from my parents was that five children was enough to be dealing with. I always used to think this was unfair, unreasonable and just plain untrue. Then I joined the world of adulthood and got my own pets.… Read more

How long is 9 months?

My beautiful C is 9 months old today, which got me thinking about what 9 months means. When I found out I was pregnant with C I knew I had 9 months ahead of me, and they draaaaaggggggeeeeddddd on. (As they did during my pregnancy with L.) Every day lasted a week and it felt like I’d been pregnant forever, and still had ages left to go.… Read more