I am leading the way….for once

Back in 2006, just before my 30th birthday, whilst I was stressing over the thought of leaving my 20s and worrying about wrinkles and grey hairs, my usually clear skin flared up into an almighty mess of redness, particularly over my nose and cheeks. I felt so ugly, I hid in my office at work, letting my fair fall over my face to try and hide this awful, red acne. I was devastated that as I was beginning to get wrinkles I was getting teenage spots too!

After a disastrous appointment with our local GP in France who diagnosed me with psoriasis (!), I went to see a dermatologist who correctly identified rosacea (you can find out more about rosacea here), as we were trying for a baby (I conceived L that month) I couldn’t have any strong medication so she prescribed me lots of topical treatment to try and calm it down.

This photo was taken at my 30th birthday party (a 70s themed party – I don’t normally go out like this!), and gives an idea of the redness, though this was it looking pretty good:

My face with rosacea

One of the amazing things that she prescribed for me was something called “Bioderma Solution Micellaire”, which I couldn’t work out, it was neither a cleanser nor a toner, but was a transparent liquid which cleaned my skin without any tightness or stinging. Whilst it didn’t sort the rosacea out it did ease it.

I’ve been using this wonderful product ever since, and I have yet to find anything that even comes close to how good it is. So it was with great delight that I discovered I’m leading the way (for the first time in my life) as it has been written up in Red magazine as beauty’s next big thing!

Red magazine's Bioderma article

As you can see from this recent photo of me, my skin is far better now (can’t say much about the wrinkles though!):

My non-rosacea face

I can totally recommend this product, but the only thing I will say is that it’s still very expensive in the UK whilst it only costs about £5 from any French pharmacy, so if you’re on holiday there, stock up on it!

Disclosure: I have nothing to do with Red magazine or Bioderma, I have not been paid to write this post or offered any products for free, I’m just sharing the information with you as I think it’s an amazing product which I love! I’m not the only one either as the wonderful LibertyLondonGirl is a fellow rosacea sufferer and fan of Bioderma, and talks about it here.


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  1. Thank you for the shout out! LLGxx

    • Franglaise Mummy says:

      You’re more than welcome – it’s lovely to not feel alone as a rosacea sufferer.

  2. Emma Smith says:

    I thought your skin looked amazing, you are obviously doing something very right…I’m skipping off to check this product out now, I need all the help I can get. x

    • Franglaise Mummy says:

      Thanks. It really is an amazing little product. Just try and get it from France if you can find a way as it’s much cheaper!

  1. 15/05/2014

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