It’s a positive!

It hardly seems possible that just a month ago I was lamenting yet another negative result yet here I am with a big fat positive in my hands. Two in fact.

I did the first test yesterday morning, which was really the absolute earliest I could do it with a hope of getting a positive. I don’t know why but this month I just felt it might be the one. So without telling B what I was up to, I scuttled off to the loo as soon as I woke up and weed on the stick. This is what I got.

I seemed to recall reading that any hint of a line indicates a positive, but when I showed it to B, he was doubtful, saying it was really faint. So although I was pretty certain this was a positive I rushed out to Boots to get another one.

This morning (again without telling B) I rushed off to the bathroom again first thing, and went through the actions again. This time there is no doubt.

There it is, as clear as day. I AM PREGNANT! After 7 months of trying and 6 years after my last positive pregnancy test, L is going to have the longed for baby brother or sister finally!

I rushed back to the bedroom, clutching the wee-covered stick, grinning my head off. “Look, I am, I told you” I tell B as I thrust the slightly unhygienic article at him. “What?” he splutters? “1 or 2 babies? Is that what it’s saying?” I did manage to calm him down as I explained that technology is not that advanced yet, and it’s just telling me it’s 1-2 weeks since conception. No sh1t, Sherlock! I’ve been charting every day, I know it is!

Anyway, the relief and the excitement in our house is enormous. This means my due date is mid-November 2012. My body is weird – with L we tried to conceive for 8 months before I got pregnant and she was born (late and induced) on the 8th December. This time round it has taken us 7 months and it will be another winter baby, born just weeks before L’s birthday. It would appear that my body won’t let me be pregnant for Christmas, new year or my birthday (February)….could it be that it knows I would struggle to give up drinking at those times ;-)?

For those of you still trying to conceive I would highly recommend the following as I’m not sure I’d have a positive without them:

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This is the second month we tried this and I got a positive, maybe a coincidence, who knows?
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  1. Melanie G says:

    I’d suggest all prospective mothers should contact Foresight before they even start trying to conceive.. they have a philosophy of helping all mothers become as healthy as they possibly can before they conceive, and they believe that if you do not have the right levels of vitamins and nutrients in your body then you either won’t conceive or will miscarry. They have amazing stories from families who have been trying to conceive for years and who have managed to have a healthy baby after following their program. A very quick way to start helping your body is to cut the alcohol and other drugs you may be taking and start taking two multivitamins every day to boost your levels.
    I followed the Foresight program before both pregnancies.. and got pregnant the first month of trying to conceive both times.. at ages 39 and 42.

  2. Franglaise Mummy says:

    Wow! If only I’d known about that when we started trying. Good advice for those out there who are trying. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love that your man’s response was 1 or 2 babies! Imagine if it could tell you at that stage if you were expecting twins or triplets. I think there would be people fainting from the news 🙂

  4. Franglaise Mummy says:

    I know! The funny thing is he’s a scientist so is well aware that’s not possible. I think in the excitement of it all he got a bit carried away!

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